The Ubique Group

30 years at the service of professionals

Born from a vision of specialists in sectoral and technological monitoring, Ubique Group offers to the brands all the software and hardware solutions as well as the service necessary for their daily activity and their development.

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iQoo, a solution based on more than 20 years of expertise in traceability and the Qualiboo experience

iQoo is a result of the QUALIBOO experiment, a solution that has contributed to food safety for more than 20 years, with better management of the stocks of goods and an immediate return of information when necessary (withdrawal, recall, ...) thanks to its Barcode system.

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Our all inclusive packs

Rental formulas, simple, cleear, no surprises

With every need its solution, iQoo is declined under several offers to palliate to all the situations. Unsurprisingly, each formula is built around software, hardware and services tailored to your needs, as well as the size of your sign.

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