In order to meet the requirements of the PMS (Sanitation Master Plan) iQoo offers a whole range of operations that can be parameterized as desired, covering cleaningdisinfection, prevention and treatment of pests, temperature management (cold chain and cooking) The quality of frying oils, etc.

A total, fluid and clear control of your sanitary master plan (PMS)

Good hygiene monitoring is the basis of an effective PMS. Depending on the size, type, and quality of an activity, several health control steps are essential. iQoo responds to all hygiene problems by proposing various verification / consultation operations and choosing from the simple validation step to those of demanding controls with photos, notes and remarks :

  • Planning / validation of cleaning of the device or of the work support
  • Pest control points with customization capabilities for each area to be monitored
  • Management of cold chain temperatures (on refrigerated products and zones)
  • Controls of frying oils according to the criteria of your choice (visual and olfactory tests, polarity, etc.)
  • Cooking temperature management
  • Records of correct cooling procedures.



The traceability of materials is a chain of information whose first and main link is the stage of reception of the goods in which checks are to be carried out. This step is complex and tedious, typically involving the capture of information and the cutting of vendor labels.

iQoo will allow you to simplify and secure this important step. The recording of the Traceability information and the Quality control of the products will be realized in real time, with a few clicks on your input terminal via a predefined scenario.

Point each receiving step

  • Traceability of materials received
  • Quality control at reception
  • Dematerialization of product labels

The person receiving the goods will simply have to follow a questionnaire to carry out his checks and validate a reception. The recording of Traceability information will be simplified by the photograph of the product label. It is also possible to identify the storage areas for each product: Traceability, stock management and optimized cold chain monitoring.

The archiving of information is automatic and the searches greatly simplified. It will thus be possible from any computer or tablet connected to the Internet to find all the information and carry out the necessary research on the subjects.

Checks on the information entered will be carried out in real time and will enable the operator to be alerted if necessary. iQoo allows you to customize all the controls on reception. Indeed, the proposed basic solution can evolve according to your needs and the level of precision desired.

Traceability Product :

  • Provider,
  • Photograph of product label,
  • Type of Product / Product,
  • Storage area,
  • Amount, N° Lot / DLC, …

Quality Controls :

  • Product temperature/ truck,
  • Control of Product Compliance,
  • Photograph of product or non-compliance,
  • Action in case of non-compliance, …



Particularly used by: industry (boiler surveys, refrigerated vats, cooking tunnels, etc.), laboratories (shoot chamber, oven chamber, etc.), technical services, as well as commercial Temperature readings are mandatory and repetitive (positive cold room, negative cold room, refrigerated tower, freezer, etc.), the operation becomes simple and fast.

iQoo makes it possible to optimize the temperature measurement operations, to make them safe, and to make them accessible for any subsequent control, with a simple click, in consultation on our secure servers.

Guarantee your temperatures

  • Temperature recordings of storage areas,
  • Product temperature monitoring (cooking, cooling)



iQoo will allow you to realize your cold room temperature readings directly on a portable terminal. The operator must simply select the enclosure to be checked and then enter the temperature indicated by the probe. It can also photograph the temperature recorder if needed. It is also possible to record temperatures at the end of cooking, monitoring of the cooling to guarantee the manufacturing process and the conformity of the product.

Scales can be defined to alert the user to any abnormalities relating to the cold chain or the safety and suitability of the product. These records can then be integrated into the iQoo kitchen schedule. All records will be automatically archived for viewing.

iQoo will allow to edit labels for the different types of products requiring a particular identification :

  • Thawed products,
  • Products started, – Semi-finished products,
  • ….

Production monitoring and control

Products that have changed state will be stored for later use. They will have to be identified by a new label specifying the date of the treatment as well as their new expiry date which can be calculated automatically.

The same will apply to fabrications for which a product label will be able to be edited and thus guarantee the traceability of the product.

Identify and guarantee your batches of used materials.



During the manufacturing process, iQoo will identify the batches of materials used and thus guarantee the traceability of the manufactured products. It will thus be possible to know the date of use of all the raw materials and to be able to make the link with a manufactured product.

  • Traceability of the use of materials
  • Manufacturing Tracking

The operator will simply photograph the label of the used product which will be automatically preserved. Cutting and storing these labels will no longer be necessary. The operator may also specify as required :

  • The workshop concerned,
  • The type of dish or dish manufactured,
  • The quantity manufactured,
  • The quantity used,
  • Date of consumption,
  • The Quality or process controls, …


iQoo manages all label creation and editing operations for your DLC marking needs after unpacking or creating a product.

Label with ease

  • Identification of the products started / thawed,
  • Identification of fabrications

iQoo will allow to edit labels for the different types of products requiring a particular identification:

  • Thawed products,
  • Products started,
  • Semi-finished products, …

These products having changed state will be stored for later use. They will have to be identified by a new label specifying the date of the treatment as well as their new expiry date which can be calculated automatically. The same will apply to fabrications for which a product label will be able to be edited and thus guarantee the traceability of the product.

Printing will be on a self-adhesive label printer positioned closest to the work area.



Some products may be altered in their packaging. This is the case in particular for vacuum or canned products. Opening the packaging and controlling it is an essential step in the Health Master Plan. iQoo is the ideal tool for scheduling deconditioning and keeping track of the slightest defect.

Essential step of the PMS

Deconditioning should be carried out as and when required; If a wait is required, the deconditioned products are placed in a cold enclosure after being protected (for example by a film tray) and identified via a deconditioning date in order to avoid any forgetfulness in the cold room. All these steps require close monitoring, and iQoo accompanies the user when checking :

  • Product conformity
  • Storage
  • Cold room
  • Label publishing



iQoo is a very useful tool for checking the positioning of products for sale on shelves, showcases, or sales displays, according to a sales or marketing guideline.

Harmonize and organize your layouts

A real tool for verifying the implementation of products at points of sale in accordance with marketing guidelines. The fearsome ally of any commercial strategy prepared, guaranteeing respect for the marketing rule. iQoo ensures the correct positioning and presentation of its products on its points of sale.



iQoo will enable you to manage all your obligations in terms of periodic recordings and inspections via an intervention and control schedule.

Organize each operation, accompany your teams

The cleaning plan, pest control, temperature readings, or any other tasks can be integrated into the iQoo schedule, which will allow to manage the frequency of each intervention.

At all times, the operator will be informed of the tasks he has to perform on time. In case of forgetfulness or delay, warnings on the unfulfilled tasks guarantee you the fulfillment of all your obligations. The operator will have to validate each task and will be able to provide the necessary information according to the needs.



Synchronization also allows the mobile to receive your own settings.

This synchronization is performed automatically by the mobile, by Wifi or by connecting to a PC under Windows via USB.

The automatic synchronization of the data entered by the mobile

Synchronization is the operation that allows the mobile to send entries to a central server. Thus, the data entered is stored on the iQoo cloud. You will no longer be afraid to lose your sanitary data. In case of control, the web application allows you to consult all this data, quickly and cleanly.



Choose the storage location and enter blind inventory by scanning bar codes for your items.

Inventory entry has never been easier than with iQoo!

If you are lucky enough to have GS1 128 codes on your products, the quantity will be automatically entered, otherwise simply enter it. On the web application, you can view the history of your inventories, valued or not.