The Qualiboo Experience

iQoo is a result of the QUALIBOO experiment, a solution that has contributed to food safety for more than 20 years, with better management of the stocks of goods and an immediate return of information when necessary (withdrawal, recall, …) thanks to its Barcode system.

iQoo, a solution based on more than 20 years of expertise in traceability and the Qualiboo experience

Qualiboo was developed under SaaS (software as a service) , a technology that allows information sharing via the Internet and no longer as part of a client-server application. Thus, traceability becomes a simple obligation to treat. Central kitchens with several satellite kitchens can consolidate and share the same database. Product management can therefore be done in real time, thus ensuring better quality management.



In a standard setting variant, you can adapt it to your specific needs. Its great flexibility gives it a perfect use for your operation and your procedures.


Adapt and modify your iQoo to your actual needs

Because every job is different, iQoo is fully customizable to meet your requirements. Whether it’s perfectly sticking to your procedures, performing your controls visually with the shots it offers or making your temperature shots, iQoo deploys a whole arsenal of features to ensure the quality of the services Of your establishment as well as efficient and simplified management.

The simplicity of iQoo is reflective of the diversity of its users, and every job is there : catering, retail, hospitality, hygiene, The person, etc.



iQoo is a nomadic solution, lightweight, entirely oriented new technologies. iQoo is the application that declines its flexibility of use on its total mobility.


Lightweight, uncluttered, nomadic, wireless.

In order to accompany the user in his direct control dynamic in real time, iQoo was first thought as a mobile solution. Lightweight and compact, ergonomic, precise and efficient, iQoo has an unmatched and indispensable comfort of use.

Designed in the form of an Android application, our solution is very intuitive right from the start. You do not have to be an expert in new technologies to take advantage of your wide range of possibilities.



Designed and built in partnership with daily users of the product, the simplicity and speed of use of iQoo make it one of the largest mobile traceability solutions. The data management part accessible from any Internet access, allows a great freedom of interactions, control and editing.

Very great simplicity and usability of use.

Benefiting from a simple interface, rich in ergonomics based on the efficiency and speed of traceability operations, iQoo offers a quick, almost instantaneous grip. Every action is done naturally and the setup solutions are just as intuitive. Its design flexibility can also be linked to other software solutions, offering additional exchange gateways.

After the control steps are performed, the automatic synchronization performs an update of the data on a secure web interface.


Secure Data

In addition to offering a large variety of control operations, iQoo synchronizes with a remote server to backup all your data, raising the level of requirement and guaranteeing your sanitary good faith.

Data saved and searchable in complete safety

At the end of the operations performed with iQoo the data entered are synchronized automatically on a central server. All text and image information are saved while the settings are retrieved automatically.
This central server is located in one of the largest European Data Centers, guaranteeing reliable, secure and perfect data availability. In case of sanitary control, not only do you value your daily monitoring, but you are also assured of being able to display, edit and exploit your data quickly.